Trudi Landa

My LEAN Keto Story – I have a totally different mindset.

Trudi Landa

Why did you take part?

I joined the LCHF diet challenge as I wanted to see how eating a low carb diet, could affect my weight and health in general.

How was the experience?

I am really happy that a joined the LCHF diet challenge. Throughout the diet, I have learned so much. I must say that around day 4, I thought that I would be giving up, but with the phenomenal support of Ken and the group, I kept me going. Also, I am a strong character, I was not going to let anything stop me continuing my LCHF diet.

What did you gain?

As the days went on I was feeling a lot better within myself. My health started improving tremendously. I have pernicious anemia and was struggling to keep awake during the day and evening, I couldn’t get up in the morning’s due to being extremely tired. To my amazement I found myself getting up at 5am in the mornings. I felt refreshed and alive, for the first time in years, I could cope with everyday life, it wasn’t a struggle anymore. Now I have a totally different mindset, I am changing my eating habits forever.  By the end of the day 14, I was 6lbs lighter which I was feeling great about. I will be staying on this LCHF diet for my wellbeing. Thank you so much so all your support Ken.