Stress Workshop

Stress, Diet And Work-Life Balance

On behalf of myself and my colleagues at John Lewis head office, I’d like to thank Ken Barnes for presenting at our event today. It was very well received and full of tips on healthy eating, exercise and so much more! Bravo
Facilitator-led interactive diet and stress management training workshop

Improve well-being, staff retention and workplace productivity by managing stress-related illness.

Stress, Work-Life Balance & Diet is interactive workshop that provides practical solutions to reduce and manage workplace stress, improve productivity and personal well-being

Some well-being programmes can be a bit dry and serious. This workshop is highly interactive, fun and engaging, whilst also being informative and educational. Using science-based knowledge and personal experience participants are engaged, informed and empowered to better manage stress, diet and the balance between work and home life.

Who should attend?

Anyone in the workplace who would like to improve their productivity by learning strategies to manage stress, improve their diet and develop a better work-life balance

How is it delivered?

Delivery options include two formats. 

  1. Half day facilitator-led workshop
  2. Full day facilitator-led workshop
– Workshop Overview:

This interactive facilitator-led workshop engages participants in a two-way conversation about the issues of work-life balance and stress in the workplace and at home. Using a style that includes presenting, questioning and the sharing of personal experiences, this workshop engenders participants to share and discuss issues relating to stress that may be affecting their productivity at work.

– Workshop modules
How we can create stress in our life
Learning objectives

Participants will gain a greater understanding of some factors that produce internally generated stress and tension and how to better manage those factors

How stress develops in the body
Learning objectives

Participants will learn the process of how stress develops in the mind and body, what factors influence stress and how it affects workplace performance

Workplace factors that create stress
Learning objectives

Participants will discuss factors that produce work-place stress and learn strategies to effectively manage the stress factors

How food affects mood and thinking
Learning objectives

Participants will learn how the food they eat affects their mood, thinking and ability to be productive in the workplace.

The Three P’s
Learning objectives

Participants will learn the Three P’s of stress and tension and how to use them to effectively manage the way they handle stress in the workplace and at home.

Willpower and productivity
Learning objectives

Participants will learn how willpower affects them and how to increase their willpower to become more productive in the workplace

Work-Life Balance
Learning objectives

Participants will strategies to develop and maintain a better work-life balance

– By the end of the workshop, participants will:
  • Develop a greater understanding of the how stress happens and how to avoid and manage it
  • Develop a greater understanding of how food choices affect stress levels and productivity
  • Learn new strategies to develop and maintain improved work-life balance