“Too often some people spend their health, chasing wealth, to only end up frantically spending their wealth to gain good health.” The LEAN MindBody Coach

My name is Ken Barnes AKA The LEAN MindBody Coach. I am a man on a mission to make ‘Health A Habit’ for as many people as I can, using The LEAN Mind Method. Research has shown that we can ‘Live Longer, Feel Stronger and Look Younger’ when we develop the habit of a health and fitness lifestyle.

I am a certified Health Coach with a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology (CBT), an author, trainer and motivational speaker. I have used a fusion of my knowledge of cognitive psychology, behavioral therapy and personal development strategies to develop The LEAN Mind Method used in our programmes.

Over the years I have had my own struggles and challenges, particularly about my health and weight.

I had always found sticking to my goals of losing weight and eating healthily a challenge, especially as I became older. My diet at times could have been a lot better, and the motivation to keep fit has not always been as strong and consistent as it should have been. Over the years changing my exercise regime or even my diet was not helping as much as it should, as I was not as focused as I should have been.


 Not Focused

Over the years changing my exercise regime or even my diet was not helping as much as it should, as I was not as focused as I should have been. It was as if my willpower to stay on track became weaker. My health and fitness would improve and then I would become busy with my business and other activities and I would prioritise my health and fitness less and less.

The moment of decision came to me when I was out shopping one day and I went into the changing room to try on a top.  I looked at myself in the changing room mirror, when I took my top off. I was not happy with what I saw !

 Not Happy

Time To Change

How did I allow myself to get like this? I thought. In that moment, I knew something had to change and I made a decision. Something had to change and that something was me.

After much research and study of the cognitive and behavioural sciences, I set myself a challenge to change my mindset and behaviour around exercise and healthy eating. I developed new ways of thinking and doing. It was not long before I started to see and feel a change in the way I viewed my health and fitness.

New Thinking

Healthier Me

My motivation to exercise and eat healthily increased and the results from my new mindset were noticeable. I called the strategies I used to create a healthier and fitter me, The LEAN Mind Method. I now want to share the strategies in The LEAN Mind Method with you, to make ‘Health Your Habit’ from now on.

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