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Do you struggle to maintain your health and fitness goals? If your answer is YES! Our Make Health Your Habit coaching programme can help!

Do you feel that you could achieve so much more in your health and fitness if you had some supportive guidance and accountability?

Regardless of your current health and fitness level, one-2-one coaching from The LEAN MindBody Coach can help you.

Too often we hear stories of people on a diet reaching their goals only to put the weight back on again. Or working hard for a period to get a six-pack or lean body, only to see their six-pack disappear as they go back to their original habitual way of living.  

The Make Health Your Habit coaching rogramme provides you with a step-by-step guide, coaching and accountability designed to help you accomplish, maintain and sustain your health and fitness goals.

One-2-one coaching with The LEAN MindBody Coach using the Make Health Your Habit Programme, is personal, effective and fun.
I am a Certified Health Coach and Trainer, with a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychology with over 20 years of experience in changing people’s lives in a positive way.
I have the knowledge, experience and understanding necessary to make positive habitual lifestyle changes in your life.

Participation in the Make Health Your Habit coaching programme will help to change the way your conscious and unconscious mind works. 

  • You will develop new healthier habits
  • Become fitter and have more energy
  • Become happier living a healthier lifestyle.

What is the Make Health Your Habit coaching programme?

Our science-based Make Health Your Habit coaching programme is a fusion of cognitive psychology, behavioural therapy, personal development and health and well-being strategies. You will be coached in using our easy to follow system ‘The LEAN Mind Method’. Our coaching system will help you to create your own personal  60-day plan that will focus on three key areas of your life: Exercise & Fitness, Nutrition & Healthy Eating and Attitude & Motivation. You will be coached and guided each step of the way. Our unique 3-step planning process will help you work out WHY you want to improve your health and fitness, decide WHAT areas you need to focus on and then guide you in creating a road map of HOW you are going to achieve your health and fitness goals and ‘Make Health Your Habit’.

What is it about the Make Health Your Habit coaching programme that makes it effective?

New research has uncovered neurological and behavioural reasons why forming new habits can be difficult. The exciting thing is, this scientific research also gives clues on how to overcome the challenges of forming new habits. Our 60-Day coaching programme has been created on science-based-researched and incorporates much of what modern day science indicates is the best way to adopt new attitudes and behaviours. Our programme uses a process we call ‘Healthy Automatic Behaviour Information Transfer’ to embed in your ‘Basal Ganglia’ your brains habit forming centre, new and improved thoughts and behaviours that will help to ‘Make Health Your Habit’.

What is The LEAN Mind Method?

The LEAN Mind Method is an easy to follow system for developing healthier lifestyle habits. The LEAN Mind Method will help you create progress goals, daily actions and keep you motivated to reach your health and fitness goals. The LEAN Mind Method requires you to chart, measure and reflect on your progress and so much more. The LEAN Mind Method supports the development and achievement of your health and fitness goals, from the conscious, subconscious and behavioural level. Using The LEAN Mind Method you can create lasting healthier habits that will form part of a new and improved health and fitness lifestyle, that will result in a healthier and fitter you.

I currently have an exercise and nutrition plan. Can I still use the Make Health Your Habit Coaching Programme?

Yes, you can use your own exercise or nutrition plan with our Make Health Your Habit Programme. The programme provides you with a 60-day workout plan and nutrition guidance, however, you can choose to use all or some of the ideas presented to you. The LEAN Mind Method used in our programme will work just as well with your own exercise or nutrition plan to assist you in mapping out your 60-day journey.

I like the sound of the Make Health Your Habit coaching programme, what options do I have to choose from?

Currently, we offer the ‘Make Health Your Habit’ 60-day, one-2-one coaching programme. You also have the option to experience a 7-day trial version of the programme (7-day trial does not come with coaching).

At some point in the future, we will also offer group coaching and an online self-paced programme.

What do I get when I join the Make Health Your Habit coaching programme

The coaching programme contains 42 modules and is completed online, using your computer, tablet or smartphone. When you join our programme you will have access to a feature rich, science-based process that has taken over three years to develop. 

We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee: 

You have a no-risk-guarantee with our coaching programme. If you do not believe our Make Health Your Habit coaching programme is serving your needs at any time during your 60-day journey, then we will happily provide a full refund.


Some of the core features of our Make Health Your Habit coaching programme are:

Text Coaching

Get interactive daily coaching via text. This daily coaching helps support you on your 60-day Journey. Our text coaching will give you access to personal one-2-one advice to help you manage any challenges you may encounter, set goals and hold you accountable to your health and fitness goals. 

Online Coaching Platform
You can participate in our coaching programme using your computer, tablet or smartphone. We use a fully featured online coaching and mentoring platform built to make the process of using our programme as simple and effective as possible.
LEAN Mind Trigger Texts 

During your Make Health Your Habit 60-day journey you have the option to receive regular daily personalised Trigger Texts messages sent directly to your mobile phone. Receiving regular daily Trigger Text messages will help you to optimise the benefits of your coaching programme, keeping you conscious and aligned with your goals and purpose.


LEAN Mind Method Planning Tools

60-Day Habit Statement Planning

We use a 3-step planning process, that will guide you to working out WHY you are doing the Make Health Your Habit Progamme, WHAT you hope to gain from it and HOW you intend to achieve the results you set for yourself. 60-Day Habit Statements will help to give clarity about what you aim to achieve in your 60-Day coaching journey.

Progress Goals System

Our simple and easy to use Progress Goals system will assist and guide you in creating a series of individualised goals throughout your Make Health Your Habit 60-day coaching journey, which will assist in keeping you on track.

Small Win Steps System

Use our Small Wins Step System to set progress points, on your way to achieving your progress goals. Focusing on small wins will help you break down your Progress Goals into smaller manageable chunks.

Reflection Questions 

Our series of Reflection Questions are powerful questions that will help you to reflect each seven days on your Make Health Your Habit 60-day coaching journey.


Video & Audio Inspiration


Video Notes To Self

Our daily ‘Notes to Self’ videos contain health and fitness affirmations and positive statements, that will help keep you motivated during each day of your Make Health Your Habit 60-day coaching journey.


Video Health and Fitness Questions. 

Our daily Health & Fitness questions have been created to stimulate thought and introspection about your health and fitness. They are powerful ways to change your thinking and perspective.


Audio Food For Thought Messages 

You will get a series of ‘Food for Thought’ Passages, which you can either read, listen to online or download as an MP3 audio. Food for Thought are a series of thought-provoking messages aimed at inspiring you and stimulating thought and reflection about your life.


Access To Our Members Only Website

You will gain access to The LEAN MindBody Members Area members only restricted area website containing these resources.

ENA Chart

Our Exercise, Nutrition and Attitude Chart will give you an insight into starting levels around your level of fitness, the importance nutrition plays in your life and your motivation to keep fit and eat healthily.

Progress Wheel

Our Progress Wheel is an exercise that will assist in showing you how much you have progressed each seven days, what areas you have progressed in and what you can do to progress and develop further.

LEAN Mind 60-Day Workout Plan

You will have access to The LEAN Mind 60-Day Workout Plan which has 24 unique workouts that have been created in terms of fitness ability. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced stage of training, our workout plan can work for you. Our 60-Day Workout Plan is not compulsory for you to use during the 60-Day Challenge; you can choose to use all or some of the ideas presented to you.


LEAN Mind Healthy Recipes

You will have access to The LEAN Mind Healthy Recipes database. Exclusively for the Make Health Your Habit Programme, we have created a series of over 80 healthy recipes to assist you with your meal planning over your Make Health Your Habit 60-day coaching journey. These recipes include healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, salads and smoothies.