My LEAN Keto Story

Are you frustrated with failed weight-loss attempts?
Do you dread yet another calorie counting, portion restricting diet?

I know how you feel, I have felt the same way in the past. It’s tough looking in the mirror at the way you look and feeling sad, sometimes even embarrassed at your body. I know that feeling, as that person looking in the mirror used to be me.

Even though I had worked as personal development trainer and motivational speaker changing people lives in a positive way for years, behind the public persona, I often struggled with my own life challenges. 

Over the years I have had my own struggles and challenges, particularly about my weight.

I had always found sticking to my goals of losing weight and eating healthily a challenge, especially as I became older. Sometimes, it would not take much for my diet to take a turn for the worse, like a busy or stressful period.

There were times when my diet could have been a lot better, and my motivation to keep fit was not as strong and consistent as it should have been. Over the years changing my exercise regime or even my diet was not really helping, as I was not as focused as I should have been. Often, I knew what I was eating was not good for me but I did not even care, I ate it anyway. In a funny way, It was if I was punishing myself in some way.

The moment of decision came to me when I was out shopping one day and I went into the changing room to try on a top.  I looked at myself in the changing room mirror, when I took my top off. I was not happy with what I saw! (That was the moment when I took this picture)

I decided it was time to make a positive change and take responsibility for my health. 

I made my mind up, that I was going to be serious about losing weight and keeping it off. During the following period, I became so passionate about health and weight-loss, that I decided to qualify as a certified health coach. However, I did not stop there, in my quest to understand the kind of mindset needed to change, I also gained a qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

I was on the path to real change in my weight and health and fitness, or so I thought!

The most devasting period of my life was about to occur, the passing of my dearly loved mother. This sent me on a downward path of depressive mood swings and comfort eating and I piled on the pounds again. Food was my comfort and comfort was my food. I was aware of what I was doing but part of me at that point again did not care. Anyway, I could not face the prospect of another low calorie, low fat, food restricting diet.

I got to a point so low in my mind, that the only place left was up.

I got to the point where my favourite clothes could not fit me anymore. I decided to make another commitment to lose weight. The method I chose, was to dive into an intense home workout programme. I also adjusted my eating a little as I considered that exercise was the most important factor in me losing weight. This worked a little but not in the way wanted it to work, also I did not think it the intensity of exercise I was doing was sustainable for me. 

Enter a Keto Low Carb Diet

I had always known about a low-carb diet, tried it a bit before but never properly. The thought of cooking my breakfast of bacon and eggs in butter, come now, you can’t be serious was my thought, what about my cholesterol?  Despite my reservations, I decided to try a Keto Low Carb Diet and commit to it properly. After I had been doing it a while, I even encouraged some people to join me in a series of what I called ‘7-Day LCHF diet challenges’. In a very short time, I began to see results and after a month I was amazed at the transformation in my body. I was going to the gym, but it was not the exercising that was making me lose weight, it was the LCHF diet.

Well, that was then and this is now.

The amazing transformation that happened to me in a short time, surprised not only me but my family and friends. I am now dedicated to a Keto Low Carb Diet and also dedicated to helping other people through my health coaching practice to achieve the kind of results, I achieved.


My knowledge as a health coach and my understanding of CBT has allowed me to develop what I call ‘LEAN Keto‘. LEAN Keto is an holistic approach to weight-loss and health, encompassing actions and mindset changes that develop and nurture keto lifestyle habits in you.

Do you feel that you could achieve so much more in your weight-loss and health goals if you had some supportive guidance and accountability from someone who has experienced some of the pain you may be feeling?

If the answer is yes, then regardless of your current weight or health and fitness level, I can help you.

As a Certified Health Coach and trainer, with a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and over 20 years of experience in changing people’s lives in a positive way, I have the knowledge and understanding necessary to make positive habitual lifestyle changes in your diet and exercise. I also have been down the road your traveling, so I can empathise with your challenges.