Which Juicer Or Blender Shall I buy?


Ok, just so you are clear, the­se two appli­ances do very dif­fer­ent things – the juicer extracts the juice from veg­gies and fruit, while the blender com­bi­nes ingre­di­ents which results in a homo­ge­neous con­sis­ten­cy. Also, note the blender I am refer­ring to in this instance is not to be mis­tak­en for a food proces­sor or mix­er.

So, you want to start mak­ing smooth­ies or juices but, have no idea which appli­ance to buy? Here is a snap­shot on the­se two appli­ances so you can make an informed deci­sion.

There are two main types of blenders, one you hold in your hand and the oth­er which comes with a jug that is placed on a base. For mak­ing smooth­ies one with a jug is pre­ferred. You only need to put in ingre­di­ents, switch on and you will have your smooth­ie in no time.

Here are some things to con­sid­er when pur­chas­ing a blender:

  • Cost: From my expe­ri­ence, the very cheap ones usu­al­ly leave you unsat­is­fied and don’t blend that well. If you put nuts in, chances are you will still be crunch­ing on those nuts or have a bro­ken blender!
  • The Wattage: I rec­om­mend 500w plus if you want to blend fruit and veg­gies. The high­er this fig­ure the more pow­er you have, the smoother your smooth­ie.
  • Speed But­tons: Some will have many to vary the speed of blend­ing where­as oth­ers only have 1 or 2. Alter­na­tive­ly, a pulse but­ton to give quick blasts (which I have found to be very use­ful). It depends on how much con­trol you want when blend­ing.
  • Ease of Clean­ing: It is rec­om­mend­ed to always clean the jug and lid out as soon as pos­si­ble. Ensure you buy one that is easy to clean, espe­cial­ly if you are short of time in the morn­ings.

Here are some links to some blenders which vary in price:

Juice: Con­sid­er­a­tions when pur­chas­ing a juicer:

Juic­ing takes longer than blend­ing. You have to pass the fruit/veggies through the feed­er grad­u­al­ly – some force is used to push items through.

In my opin­ion buy­ing a juicer takes longer to decide upon because there are many on the mar­ket and they have very dif­fer­ent pro and cons. You need to real­ly think what you will be juic­ing or juic­ing the most. For instance, I knew I would be main­ly juic­ing fruit and veg­gies so I bought a cen­trifu­gal juicer. Lat­er on, when I got real­ly into it I bought a mas­ti­cat­ing juicer, now I have my wheat­grass shot in the morn­ings!

Overview of the kind of juicers avail­able: Mas­ti­cat­ing. Slow/cold press juicer. Good for juic­ing wheatgrass/leafy greens and very soft fruit such as berries. They can be pricey with lots of parts to clean. On the plus side, some can make nut but­ters, ice-cream and pas­ta.
Twin Gear Juicer (trit­u­rat­ing juicer). Unlike the mas­ti­cat­ing juicer with one gear, this juicer uses two gears (resem­bles two corkscrews). When you pass your fruit and veg­gies through the feed­er, the gears come togeth­er slow­ly extract­ing the juice. Pro­duces very lit­tle waste and can juice almost any­thing.

Cen­trifu­gal. The most pop­u­lar, good with fruit and veg­gies that are robust, gives off a lit­tle heat but the juice extrac­tion is quick. Left over pulp can be used to make crack­ers, burg­ers or fruit strips.

Here are some links to some juicers which vary in price:

For both juicers and blenders check out retail out­lets such as Argos, Sainsbury’s or depart­ment stores like John Lewis, Deben­hams, Sel­f­ridges etc.

If you are buy­ing on-line look at reviews, ama­zon is good for that.

Writ­ten By: Lor­raine Palmer: Lor­raine Palmer is an expert on RAW foods who writes for Funky RAW mag­a­zine, she’s been fea­tured in Chat, Dai­ly Mail and graced the front cov­er of Wolver­hamp­ton (lifestyle) Mag­a­zine. Find Lor­raine at https://www.facebook.com/veganrawcooked/


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