Janet Harris

My LEAN Keto Story – Your passion is inspiring.

Janet Harris

Why did you take part?

I joined the LCHF diet challenge as I was looking for a diet/lifestyle that will help me achieve my goal in becoming leaner and burn fat as I am a gym addict and had been struggling to find the right diet. Also I have two medical conditions, fibromyalgia and vasovagal syncope. I believe both these conditions can be managed with the right diet and exercise.

How was the experience?

It’s definitely been a challenge for me …. more a mental challenge, I’m so used to watching the amount of fat I eat so cooking with butter has been messing with my head. I was a little worried first few days due to the bloating and feeling heavier which has now all gone. I’ve enjoyed every meal and this group has been great by giving me ideas as to what to eat.

What did you gain?

I’ve had more energy most days. I’ve lost 1kg/2lbs which I’m happy with. Seven days isn’t long enough to know if this way of eating will benefit me, so therefore I will continue with this diet. There’s also something about this diet that is very intriguing and I want to know more. Ken Barnes thank you for your passion is inspiring.