Janet Coombs

My LEAN Keto Story – I am more confident with my body.

Janet Coombs

Why did you take part?

I took part in this LCHF diet to support my husband while considering, it could also benefit me.  I felt I needed to drop a few pounds and could lose some weight in the journey along with him.

How was the experience?

I had done a low carb diet before so knew what to expect with the results. However, I really enjoyed and benefited from doing it, with a group of like-minded people. The group energy and the support from Ken, really helped to keep me focused and hold me accountable.

What did you gain?

The LCHF diet experience really encouraged me to change my mindset around how I viewed food and what I ate. I also lost weight during the process, losing 11lbs which brought me down from 10st 7lbs to 9st 10lbs. I feel like I have more energy and I am more confident with my body. I am enjoying the feedback from family and friends, on how my body has changed. I continue to be carb aware and will stay on this LCHF eating journey, because my mind is now set and I am able to commit to a LCHF lifestyle.