Equip your “un-cooking” kitchen.

If you want to keep your meals tasty and creative, you will want to learn the ropes of  “uncooking”. You can make juices and smoothies at any time of the day for a quick nutrient-rich snack, but one cannot live on fruit juice alone. Like any new culinary enterprise, there are tools for the job. And no chef would be worth his salt if he showed up without his prized knives. Likewise, even for the raw food kitchen, there are some key instruments worthy of including to make the experience easier and provides the most options for creating new dishes:

  • A dehydrator: this is going to be your oven, it magically concentrates flavor and provides the best method of altering textures for a “cooked” taste.
  • A spiralizer: this can turn any vegetable or tuber into a huge bowl of noodles.
  • A food processor: this takes the place of many saucepans, but it’s a great way to combine ingredients into sauces and “creams”
  • A blender:  while this may seem redundant with a food processor on the counter nearby, blenders are the king of smoothies, and smooth velvety purées
  • A juicer: green juice is a powerful way to start the day

The most important thing to equip your raw kitchen with however, are all manners of good foods. Make sure to use spices and fresh herbs in your tasty dishes. Don’t be afraid to experiment – this is part of the fun of becoming a gourmet raw foodie. There’s an incredible abundance of raw food recipes and un-cook books to spark up your heat-free kitchen and provide delicious and satisfying options, for you will, no doubt, come to discover that “un-cooking” your dinner is quite unlike any other cuisine.

Taken from The Psychology of Eating

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