Equip your kitchen

Equip your “un-cooking” kitchen.

If you want to keep your meals tasty and cre­ative, you will want to learn the ropes of  “uncook­ing”. You can make juices and smooth­ies at any time of the day for a quick nutri­ent-rich snack, but one can­not live on fruit juice alone. Like any new culi­nary enter­prise, there are tools for the job. And no chef would be worth his salt if he showed up with­out his prized knives. Like­wise, even for the raw food kitchen, there are some key instru­ments wor­thy of includ­ing to make the expe­ri­ence eas­ier and pro­vides the most options for cre­at­ing new dish­es:

  • A dehy­dra­tor: this is going to be your oven, it mag­i­cal­ly con­cen­trates fla­vor and pro­vides the best method of alter­ing tex­tures for a “cooked” taste.
  • A spi­ral­iz­er: this can turn any veg­etable or tuber into a huge bowl of noodles.
  • A food proces­sor: this takes the place of many saucepans, but it’s a great way to com­bine ingre­di­ents into sauces and “creams”
  • A blender:  while this may seem redun­dant with a food proces­sor on the coun­ter near­by, blenders are the king of smooth­ies, and smooth vel­vety purées
  • A juicer: green juice is a pow­er­ful way to start the day

The most impor­tant thing to equip your raw kitchen with how­ev­er, are all man­ners of good foods. Make sure to use spices and fresh herbs in your tasty dish­es. Don’t be afraid to exper­i­ment – this is part of the fun of becom­ing a gourmet raw food­ie. There’s an incred­i­ble abun­dance of raw food recipes and un-cook books to spark up your heat-free kitchen and provide deli­cious and sat­is­fy­ing options, for you will, no doubt, come to dis­cov­er that “un-cook­ing” your din­ner is quite unlike any oth­er cuisine.

Tak­en from The Psy­chol­o­gy of Eat­ing

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