Edem April Aimee

My LEAN Keto Story – The results were shocking.

Edem April Aimee

Why did you take part?

I have tried many diets in the past and did not like any of them, due to the struggles they come with. However, the 7- Day LCHF diet programme has helped me tremendously in many ways to lose weight and change bad habits, the only reason why I gave this programme a try was that I did not believe that I would actually lose weight by eating Low carb high fat, it just sounded unbelievable to me. My mindset in the past was one that could not function without any carbs in their diet. So I was very curious to find out the outcome of the LCHF diet.

How was the experience?

I have learned a lot about food and how my body breaks its down and uses it for fuel. I noticed that during the 7-Day LCHF diet programme my constipation issue that I used to suffer from had eased off massively.  To the point that I did not feel bloated or heavy in myself anymore.

What did you gain?

The results were shocking, knowledgeable and educative to me personally, as I realized how eating LCHF can be a way of life. Having Ken there all the time to answer any questions and also giving ideas of what meals to cook and the group conversations were my mental strength and motivation for me. I was excited when I started to notice the changes in my body, especially how my waistline was getting smaller it was just was marvelous.

For me, the LCHF programme was great and easy because it gave me the tools and knowledge to get where I wanted to be. It is just up to me now to embrace it and make it my lifestyle. The results cannot lie and people around you will notice your physical change.