Carol Corneilous

My LEAN Keto Story – My clothes started to feel loose.

Carol Corneilous

Why did you take part?

I joined in with the LCHF diet when Ken posted on his Facebook group ‘Make Health Your Habit’. I must admit I did not watch or read every thing, I would just scroll up and down and like his FB items. Then one day I saw Ken make a health drink, then posted various items on being healthy, then he started posting exercising videos and then the LCHF diet challenge. I stopped scrolling up and down and liking things and thought I can do this.When Ken posted about 14-day LCHF diet challenge, I joined immediately.

How was the experience?

At first, it was that tough giving up crisps, bread my favourites. However, I thought if I can give up things for Lent I can do it again, and I did! Every day there were words of inspiration from Ken and others in the group, which I found encouraging. I put up pictures of my meals and got inspiration from others.

What did you gain?

My clothes started to feel loose on me, I got into a pair of jeans that I hadn’t worn for a long time. I felt energetic even after a 12-hour shift at work, the pains in my knees have gone. I learnt how to poach been poaching ever since, also eating more greens and fruits daily. Having access to the LCH support group on my phone meant that I was kept up to date with things and inspired by the group, especially Ken. I now intend on adopt Ken’s mantra and making my health a habit.