10 Things To Consider

Here are 10 things to consider as you prepare to start your 7-Day Raw Vegan Diet Challenge

  1. Know your WHY? Decide why you are doing the 7-Day Raw Veg­an Chal­lenge. Write it down or even bet­ter record it on your phone so you can play it back to your­self and keep hear­ing it.
  2. Make a com­mit­ment: Make a per­son­al com­mit­ment to your­self to com­plete the 7-day chal­lenge.
  3. Find an account­abil­i­ty part­ner: Find some­one who will hold you account­able for the 7-day chal­lenge. You can both work out the details of what you com­mu­ni­cate and how often about the 7-day chal­lenge. The main thing is that he or she holds you account­able to stick to the chal­lenge.
  4. Make your 7-day chal­lenge pub­lic: A great way to moti­vate your­self to com­plete the 7-day chal­lenge is to make it pub­lic knowl­edge that you are doing it. Tell as many peo­ple as you can. State it on Face­book or any oth­er of your social media plat­forms. They will also hold you account­able.
  5. Edu­cate your­self about raw veg­an food: Read as much as you can about raw veg­an food. What you can eat, what you can’t eat and how to pre­pare food. Look up recipes you might want to try.
  6. Equip your kitchen: Ensure you have the equip­ment need­ed to make smooth­ies, shakes or what­ev­er you plan to eat dur­ing the 7-day chal­lenge
  7. Find a chal­lenge bud­dy: If you can find some­one to do the 7-day chal­lenge with you, that’s great. This per­son can also dou­ble as your account­abil­i­ty part­ner.
  8. Prepa­ra­tion, Prepa­ra­tion, Prepa­ra­tion:  Prepa­ra­tion is a key com­po­nent is suc­ceed­ing in the 7-day veg­an diet chal­lenge. Pre­pare what you are going to eat dur­ing the day in advance. Also, use the 7-day meal plan­ner to plan out your week and what you are going to eat. This will help you put togeth­er your shop­ping list.
  9. Remem­ber to drink water: Ensure dur­ing the 7-day chal­lenge you drink plen­ty of water. Stock up on water.
  10. Get start­ed and enjoy.
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